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Jellyz NFT’s, a Meta-G, Inc NFT drop, coming soon!

Jellyz-About the project

Jellyz is an NFT drop being released by Meta-g, Inc. Jellyz is based off everyones favorite Jelly Beans and inspired by, and in collaboration with David Klein, the original creator/founder of Jelly Belly.

Each Jellyz NFT will consist of, at least, 7 assets from a pool of over 200 unique assets. All Genesis Jellyz will be randomly generated. 

All future generations of Jellyz (Baby Jellyz) will inherit random assets from each of its parents and the remaining assets will be randomly generated. Baby Jellyz can be evolved into Adult Jellyz via a leveling/evolution system. 

The adult Jellyz, will again, inherit traits from the Baby Jellyz and the remaining traits will be randomized using Chainlink VRF. These random traits will be based on the Jellyz level when evolved. 

Adult Jellyz can also be leveled and evolved into Super Jellyz. These super Jellyz will inherit random traits from the adult it evolves from. All remaining traits will be random using Chainlink VRF. These random traits will be based on the level of the adult when it is evolved into a Super Jellyz. 

For a full description of the project, please read our draft white paper here: WHITE PAPER

Randomly generated 10,000 Jellyz characters

8 original flavors in the Genesis collection

Breeding, leveling and staking functions

Future plans for 3d avatars for each owner, a metaverse experience and more

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