Who are we?

Our Story

Jellyz is the brainchild of Meta-g, Inc. Meta-g, Inc is a new company formed by 4 complete strangers who where hand picked by David Klein, the creator and founder of Jelly Belly. David’s dream was to enter the digital space.  After Meta-g was formed, Meta-g decided the best way to honor David Kleins contributions to the candy industry and his life long generosity and compassion, was to create characters based off of his first love, Jelly Beans! This love gave birth to Jellyz. Each one of the original 10,000 that will be minted is unique. Based off of 8 original flavors. Cherry, Tangerine, Grape, Green Apple, Cream Soda, Root Beer, Licorice,  and Lemon. Each character has at least 7 asset classes and are randomly generated using over 200+ unique assets. Jellyz aims to bring NFT’s to even more audiences and be a part of the ever growing digital landscape, including NFT’s, fractionalized ownership, rewards staking, gamification of NFT’s and the future expansion into “Metaverse” worlds. 

Genesis Jellyz